Kontei is a small non-profit/research network.
Kontei was started back in 2010.

From the beginning the network has been dual stack (IPv4/IPv6)
and routed the IP prefixes behind it's own AS.

Peering Policy

Thank you for your interest in establishing peering with Kontei (AS196967).
Below you will find the relevant contact information and guidelines used to qualify peering applications.

ASN: 196967
NOC email: noc (at) kontei.org
Abuse email: abuse (at) kontei.org
Peering email: peering (at) kontei.org
MD5 authentication: Supported if needed
Note: Allow up to 10 prefixes

All peering request shall be sent to peering (at) kontei.org

More information about ex. peering locations see: http://as196967.peeringdb.com/

Applicant agrees to peer in all locations where both share a presence.
Applicant cannot, at the same time, be both a transit customer and a peering partner.
The traffic volume shall be of such amount that it is interesting for both parties to peer in order to alleviate transit and other peering arrangements.
Kontei does not apply any route damping, as is recommended in RIPE-378 and we encourage everyone to follow this RIPE recommendation.
Kontei will announce customer prefixes as received unless aggregation is requested by customer.
Applicant shall not establish a route of last resort, ie default route, or any other static routes over peering.
Applicant must not sell or give next-hop to any 3rd party (i.e. peer must not re-advertise AS196967 routes to any peer).
Applicant shall announce the same routes at all peering points, unless other is agreed.
Kontei only peers with ISPs, NSPs, Carriers, Hosting companies, Content Delivery Networks and research networks.
Fastest and shortest path towards applicant is considered.